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In The Wizard of Oz, the title character is beloved and revered by all the people in that magical land over the rainbow. Yet when you look at it from a small business/customer service perspective, it's really hard to understand why. In fact, the "great and powerful Oz" is probably one of the best examples of what not to do if you want to grow yo...
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Determine Your Specialty

For recent graduates of a massage-therapy program, choosing a specialty can be as overwhelming as choosing a treatment from a five-star hotel's spa menu. They may all sound wonderful, but how does one choose? While there are hundreds of massage modalities in existence, most of them can be grouped into three main categories or specialties: treatm...
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About is the online publication for student and beginning massage therapists. An educational resource from MASSAGE Magazine, it contains articles contributed by practitioners, educators and industry experts on topics such as financing an education, study skills, test-taking strategies, self-care, student advice, projecting a professional image, résumé writing, interviewing, finding employment and launching a first practice.