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Do you need some ideas on how to generate new income from existing clients by selling retail products? If so, follow these five easy tips.   1. Start Simple Once you have decided to offer your clients retail products, start with one product or one product line. Get to know it and love it. Try products that are blogged about on organic bea...
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cupping therapy

Cupping: The Basics of an Ancient Chinese Technique

Cupping is a bodywork technique that utilizes a glass or plastic cup or bamboo jar that is suctioned onto the body and allowed to sit for about 10 minutes or is moved around with oil used for lubrication. This technique stimulates circulation and relieves swelling—and it can be used alone or to enhance other treatments, such as acupuncture. &n...
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woman working out with weights for self-care

Self-Care for Massage Students

Beginning a new career can be an exciting time—and it can also be a time filled with unfamiliar risks and challenges. It's a time when enthusiasm outweighs experience, and it can be easy to fall into the trap of doing too much, too soon. In the first five years of their careers, massage therapists tend to have high rates of musculoskeletal sym...
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